Guangzhou Wangchang Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Netchang"). It is an excellent digital software product development service provider in China, mainly providing enterprise software customization, Internet of Things and intelligent hardware development, mobile e-commerce applications, big data and new media traffic services. Using the Internet, mobile Internet, and the Internet of Things as carriers, providing solutions through precise digital marketing and user data analysis to help users complete informatization; the "Net Chang" brand trademark has been registered by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce; the product is fully developed independently and currently serves customers The frequency has reached 10,000+ times. It has obtained national "high-tech enterprise", "Guangzhou science and technology innovation little giant enterprise", Tianhe Software Park "enterprise certificate" and other honorary certificates. The product has passed the international ISO9001 "quality management system certification", computer software copyright registration certificate 30 + Above, independently apply for invention patents.
     Netchang people always take "Unity and mutual assistance, common development, pursuit of leadership, and surpassing" as our corporate spirit. Through the establishment of cooperation with Alipay, China UnionPay, WeChat Pay, paypal, China Mobile, China Telecom and many other well-known enterprises in the industry and abroad The alliance creates better products and higher-quality services for users. We will continue to explore excellent e-commerce projects on the Internet, develop and sell more and better e-commerce application software, develop steadily, and work hand in hand with the majority of Internet users and service providers to create a better tomorrow for the Internet!
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